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  • Cigar Box Guitars – Stan Opiel

    Cigar Box Guitars – Stan Opiel

    The thing is I can take two of the exact same boxes... and they both have distinctive, different sounds which I think is part of the charm.
  • Dear Dog

    Dear Dog

    I had always adopted "dented can" dogs... the unadoptables, hard adoptions, older... and there you were.
  • Captain Barry Frishman

    Captain Barry Frishman

    Even if I help one person out, clean one yard, it will make a difference.
  • Sundial Books

    Sundial Books

    A lot of people think Misty saved Chincoteague... It just drew people in a way that other things hadn't.
  • Poseidon’s Pantry

    Poseidon’s Pantry

    "Our motto is eat healthily or not... and sometimes you need a wall of bacon."
  • White Lead Gallery

    White Lead Gallery

    One day I found Miriam at the dump... I began going through the books... and about the fifth page I just about passed out.
  • Bill Toms

    Bill Toms

    ...a girlfriend said 'boy you'd look good with a guitar' and that's all I needed.